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reseller web hosting in nigeria

How do I start a reseller web hosting in Nigeria or become a web hosting reseller in Nigeria is a question that is frequently asked. Before we go deep , I would like to define web hosting. Web hosting according to Wikipedia is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. With the understanding of web hosting service, what are web hosts ? Web hosts are those that provides the space on a server for their clients usage for internet connectivity.

Having understand what web hosting is all about and the meaning of web host, then you need to know what web hosting reseller does and how to become part of the web hosting business as a reseller

As a web hosting reseller, you have become a web host in the sense that you resell the space allocated to you under your own brand. With the innovation and improvement of WHM/WHM Autopilot and control panels, it is now easier for anyone without computer knowledge or a solid background in computer science to run a successful, reliable and solid web hosting company/business.

If you have been one of those that intend to start your own web hosting company, here are some of the reasons you should get started with HostMeNg reseller web hosting plans

  1. Time: How much time do you need to devote into web hosting business? Most clients expects you to be available 24 hours for support. The question is, Will you be able to handle 24 hours client’s request on technical issues, support and sales enquiries that will come in as soon you start the business ? If you are the type that won’t be available to provide the 24 hours support, you need not to be bothered because we are ready to take up the task for you
  2. Technical Know-How: There are various web apps and software that needs to be incorporated to provide reliable service to your customers . You should be familiar with the latest software and platforms, how they work and the pricing. This shouldn’t give you much problem as we are ready to do assist with any technical issues, talking of upgrading, fixing and so on.
  3. Financial Investment: Though it is not that cheap to start a web hosting company as you will need to have a strong financial backup when starting your web hosting business. But with HostMeNg reseller web hosting plans, everything is affordable, our reseller hosting plans (See Pricing) are one of the cheapest in Nigeria. There is no set-up price for any reseller plans after you have paid the initial price which could be semi-annually or annually
  4. If you decided to purchase your own servers, you have a few options. You can get a custom server from us at cheaper rates. We provides managed and unmanaged VPS server and Dedicated sever.
  5. Daily Website Backup: We know how painful it is to lose websites files, scripts or database. With that in mind, we provide daily and weekly backup free of charge for you and your clients. All your business information, including products, customers, orders, and inventory, is backed up in our secure data centres every day.
  6. HostMeNg makes it easy to create and register a domain name for your new website. A free one year domain is attached to all the reseller web hosting plan and you can also make use of your existing domain. The free domain is only available if you are paying annually and there are specific domain extension that we offer as free domain option e.g .com, .net,, (see the full domain name extension here)
  7. 99% Uptime Guaranteed: Your websites and that of your clients will be publicly accessible and reachable via the internet 24 hours.
  8. Reliability: Our second name is reliability, unlike many web hosts that provides cheap hosting services, we don’t just provide the cheapest web hosting service in the country, our web hosting services are reliable and we are always happy for the positive feedback we get from our customers (Click here for client’s testimonials)
  9. Server Stability: With the implementation of cloudlinux on all our servers, we are very proud of the stability of our servers. The era of a website affecting the other on a shared hosting environment is gone.
  10. Free Support Articles: Our website blog is always updated with relevant information that will provide detailed explanation to issues relating to web hosting. Visit for free articles.
  11. Free Website Migration: Our technical team are available to assist you to move your website files and websites hosted under you, free of charge if you are coming from another host. all you need to do is to open a support ticket with the details of your former host
  12. 24/7/365 Support: Our support team are always available to assist you on any issues with your websites and that of your client’s. We are available through live chat, phone call and whatsapp chat.

Wouldn’t you rather start a profitable web hosting business with us? with all the above functionality and services we provides, we are very obvious your business will be a success if you could make the move now and start your own web hosting business today.

Maybe you don’t know that there are over 20 Millions websites worldwide and about 100,000 websites are launch every day. So don’t waste time, act now and be part of the successful web hosting reseller today

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